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Nearly 10 years ago Stu stepped into the world of coaching, training and speaking, and hasn't looked back.  

It began with an itch to be a master negotiator, and grew from there. His background as a commercial lawyer provided fertile ground to explore the art and science of negotiation, but it was the late Jim Camp, a global expert on negotiations, who nudged him into the world of coaching.  


At the time, Jim Camp was coaching billions of dollars of transactions around the world, with stunning results. Stu trained under Jim and became his coach in the region.  


This fueled a lifelong passion for unpicking what it takes to achieve high levels of human performance, particularly in the world of business. It also fueled a rather large Kindle library and opportunities to expand into training and coaching in the fields of influencing and leadership. 


Since then Stu has worked with negotiators, influencers and leaders all over the globe and remains obsessed with helping execs and teams adopt the systems that level up their leadership, influencing and commercial relationships. 

The best moments are when you hear the stories afterwards. I'll get a call or meet them and they're just stoked with how it all went down. They're buzzing.  They tried something new and it paid off, and I get to celebrate with them. Those are the moments you feel like you're making a difference.

– Stu van Rij –

what else can you tell me?

Stu's an accredited negotiation coach

Stu remains Head Coach for APAC for Camp Negotiation Systems, and is part of a team of accredited coaches around the world that utilise the Camp Negotiation Management System.  For over 20 years this systematic approach to negotiation has helped build agreements in some of the most diverse situations, ranging from multi-million dollar transactions and disputes through to complex sales and high-stakes conversations (be they personal or professional). It has been used by hundreds of organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and the FBI Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training Unit.  

He's worked on more commercial deals than you can shake a stick at

Stuart’s approach is supported by the acumen acquired as a specialist IT lawyer of close to 20 years.  In this role Stuart has helped a broad range of private and public sector clients build and negotiate agreements with organisations in Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific, China and India. ​

He's a fellow

Stu is a Fellow of World Commerce and Contracting (a 70k member organization, with members in 180 countries and covering more than 90% of the Global 500).  WorldCC provides rich insights into the world of commerce and contracting, and access to a wonderful range of  thought leaders around the globe.

He's a family guy

Stu's married to Rach and has three kids who keep him well grounded.  They are also happy to humour a husband/Dad that likes to venture off the trail and enjoy NZ's great outdoors. 

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