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You are up against it.
Stakes are high.
Options seem limited.
You feel exposed. 

What really matters?
How do you stay safe?
What is your next move?


This is where coaching fits.  


Stu helps his coaching clients navigate through their most important conversations, negotiations and relationships. He helps them plant their feet, see more options and execute the thinking and behaviour that gets results.  

... an innate ability to home in on the key issues and points of difference and to help work out practical ways to achieve the desired outcomes.

– Consulting Partner –


Coaching happens behind the scenes.

The other side has no idea that Stu is involved. He’s like your secret weapon, but one that doesn’t burn the relationship.


He's on call to help you or the team get greater clarity on the situation, the problems to solve, the path through and the steps along the way.

He may sometimes call you out or propose bold moves, but that’s part of the job when he's in your corner. 


Still curious? Get in touch with Stu for a one-pager on his coaching model or an NDA so you can talk more candidly.

With Stuart as my coach my situation isn’t always made easier, but it is made better.

– Regional Sales Manager



Positioning within the business.

Helping a GM uncover value and position their unit within the business to support future opportunities. This included coaching on interactions with GMs, the chief executive, the board and partners.

Working with tricky commercial teams.

Stu has helped various suppliers position their solutions with stakeholders and navigate the challenges sometimes posed by commercial, procurement and legal teams.

Influencing buy-in and funding.

Coaching over 20 teams of founders on significant stakeholder interactions (including to obtain buy-in, deal with challenges and secure funding).

Difficult conversations and relationship recovery.

Coaching business owners and professionals through a range of contentious issues that were undermining them and their business.

Navigating resistance.

Coaching a GM on multiple internal influencing efforts where emotions ran high, including discussions with general management, directors and the chief executive. The client achieved full Board buy-in to a new role and a substantial opportunity.

Selling a stake.

Stu has helped a range of clients with negotiations to sell a stake in their business.

Major commercial discussions.

Coaching the founders of a company on key meetings with major potential business partners (including with GMs and various heads of business).

Career negotiations.

Supporting senior executives through interview and exit processes, helping to build confidence and clarity as to next steps and to position their strengths and experience to get a great result.


I first encountered Stuart when he presented negotiation skills training to our staff. He impressed me at the time with his relaxed very approachable and capable manner, and the obvious depth of knowledge and skills he has.
I have consulted him several times since then to help plan and facilitate complex negotiation discussions. Stuart is always keen to help, shows an innate ability to home in on the key issues and points of difference and to help work out practical ways to achieve the desired outcomes.
I will continue consult Stuart as my first point of contact for any type of negotiation.

– Consulting Partner –

Stuart’s coaching has built my confidence and given me new levels of clarity. With his support and training I go into meetings with a strong purpose and avoid wasting time on unnecessary issues. He has given me an excellent thought process to work through, one that helps me identify what I really want and how to get there.
Coaching has been useful on so many different levels. In particular, having someone external and objective has been worth its weight in gold – sometimes you get so close to the issue you can’t see what is really going on. Stuart helps get me close to the reality of the situation and helps me see what I should do and how I should work with the people involved.

– Chief Executive –

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