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Stu trains execs and teams to be stronger negotiators, influencers, leaders and trust-builders.


Each programme is customised to specific roles, challenges and opportunities.


For some it's all about commercial negotiation or better relationships. For others, it's a focus on leadership or influencing stakeholders.


Others have particular challenges they want to tackle, such as working with difficult individuals or having more focused conversations.  


The common thread is helping each group adopt new ways of seeing, thinking and doing that will level up their impact.

Everyone in the company who has been on his course comes back full of enthusiasm and praise.  “Best day of training I have ever had” was the latest comment

– General Manager –


Workshops provide a confidential and engaging environment for your team to explore the real challenges, and what it takes to overcome them. 


Whether in person or online, you can be assured of a programme that is engaging, relevant and readily applied. There's also plenty of laughs, practical exercises and a few stick figure drawings to boot. 


Clients find that Stu's overall energy, style and approach is a point of difference. He takes seriously the job of making stuff stick, cultivating long term change and delivering an excellent experience.


(He also eats his own dog food... he uses influencing tools to influence the class to use the influencing tools.)

Stuart is very talented at making the course materiel stick and the insights live on long after the instructor has left the building.

What results can I expect?

The proof is in the pudding. 


Here's what managers observed after practicing a key behaviour in the week following a workshop session.


“ Total change of attitude from team member, [I found he was] more willing and he was drawn into process.”

Instant payback. I got trained by Stu. Applied what I learned. Got six months free rent on a three year lease. 

– Global Director of Operations –

Our people regularly share examples of positive changes post course - for themselves, their teams and their external stakeholder relationships.

– Organisational Capability Manager –


Negotiation training for large groups

Joint negotiation training for the Royal Australian Navy and industry partners BAE and Thales (around 50 participants)

Leadership training

Leadership training for team leads at Cigna.

Legal teams

Negotiation and influencing training for a range of in-house and private practice legal teams. 


Procurement / Commercial Teams

Training the SRM team of a major NZ agency on influencing in conversation

Joint negotiation training

Joint negotiation training for an agency and the PSA in the lead up to negotiations on a significant collective employment agreement 

Founders and start-ups

Negotiation and influencing training for over 20 founder teams as part of Creative HQ’s GovTech accelerator programme. 


Sales teams

Training sales teams from multiple IT service companies 

Influence and negotiation related workshops in NZ, Australia and the US for contract and commercial professionals 


High stakes conversations 

Engaged by an investor and technology incubator to train founders in two of its investment companies on high-stakes conversations 


Managers and up-and-coming leaders

Negotiation and influencing workshops for managers and up and coming leaders at the New Zealand Automobile Association, one of NZ’s most recognized and respected organisations. 

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