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What are the biggest blind spots to building trust?

Sarah Blackie and I are heading to Melbourne for the World Commerce & Contracting APAC Summit to speak on the topic of Trust Blind Spots. Here's what we'll be digging into:

Trust Blind Spots: what they don’t teach you about trust

Trust is essential for any successful commercial relationship, and yet we can each have blind spots that can undermine trust and lead to misunderstandings, conflicts and missed opportunities.

We will be sharing insights on the major trust blind spots that arise in customer-supplier interactions and what can be done to overcome these. These insights will include hard-earned lessons on trust gleaned from interviewing a range of senior supplier and customer stakeholders. Buyers and sellers alike will learn how to identify potential trust blind spots and build stronger, more resilient relationships with their business partners.

What do you think .... what are the biggest blindspots to building trust in commercial relationships?


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