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What do you do when the other side holds all the cards? 🃏🃏

How do you engage when it feels like the scales are tipped in their favour? ⚖️

What can make a difference when it feels like they have all the power? 💪

Step One: Influence Yourself.

This video speaks to the critical step of influencing yourself before engaging in a tricky conversation or negotiation. There’s too much at stake to launch into that meeting or call with an unexamined set of views or perceptions. It’s time to pause and influence yourself before attempting to influence the other person.

❓ What led to this video❓

In the last few months I have been running a range of workshops and programmes to help individuals and teams improve how they influence and negotiate. In one online workshop, we explored the moments of truth that we all face as influencers and negotiators, and how we can perform in these moments.

It transpired that the most significant moment of truth for this group was when …. they feel like the other side has all the power.

We dug into a range of strategies. If you stay tuned to the end of the video you’ll get a taste of three helpful ways to change-up your perception of the situation when you feel like you’re about to be steamrolled. This is a high-leverage strategy to help improve your performance in these moments of truth.


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