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A look in the rearview mirror

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A proud moment yesterday as Parry Field Lawyers farewelled my father, Peter, after 48 years of service.

Dad’s had a long and successful career at Parry Field. Many lawyers would dwell on the fact he was a senior/managing partner, gravitate to some of the big commercial deals that went down or maybe the fact that Dad went to the Privy Council three times.

Instead, as Steven Moe recounted in his post:

"His approach was shown last night by the fact that of the literally thousands of clients he has helped over 50 years, he chose to highlight one – a man who had led a difficult life and whose funeral was attended by Peter and only three others (including the funeral director). But Peter shared how he provided legal support to that person at the end of their life to have a will in place. A small story but poignant that of the multimillion dollar corporate deals, property matters, court work that went to the Privy Council etc he chose that, because it emphasised that our role as lawyers is to support people in their times of need and provide access to justice. Sometimes lawyers forget that, and reminders are always welcome."

Makes you think about what will stand out for you when you look in the rearview mirror.

My Dad worked incredibly hard and epitomised what it meant to serve as a lawyer. Thanks for teaching - and demonstrating for me - the difference between a job and a calling.

Congrats Dad - 48 years is truly epic!


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