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What conversations test us?

Updated: May 5

You know, the ones that push our buttons.

Or ruffle our feathers.

Or try our patience.

The ones that require a response that is NOT automatic. 

Because the automatic response may make things worse. 

A lot worse. 

We need to pass these tests if we want to be better in our most important conversations. 

Which means we need to move from the automatic to the deliberate. 

Especially when it comes to building our confidence, clarity and control:

▶ Confidence - because there are times when the important conversation is not the easy one. 

▶ Clarity - because navigating the personalities, problems and pressures is not always clear.

▶ Control - because without a level of self-mastery, we won’t do what we need to do in the moment. 

The good news? With practice, the intentional responses become second nature. 

The deliberate becomes the automatic. 

We crawl, we walk and then we dance.


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