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What is the #1 way we screw up a good question?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

See this 3-minute video for the answer.

… and what do you think about the practical suggestion at the end of the video?

Sometimes all it takes to lift our game is to tack on a new mini habit, and I reckon the mini-behaviour in this video is a powerful one.

🚀 The Trusted Influencer 🚀

I’ll be deep-diving into the power of questions in the next three weeks with two new cohorts in the Trusted Influencer programme. It’s all about performing in the moments of truth — better conversations for better results.

If you would like to kick the tyres on what an in-person or online programme could look like for your team, just drop me a line.

🎬 After some bonus videos? 🎥

Want to improve your perception? I’ve packaged some recent videos into a four-part mini-masterclass on how to improve your perception as an influencer and negotiator. In addition to the videos, there are further insights and practical ways to put the strategies into practice. If you want to get a copy, sign up under the FREE tab on my website or flick me a message.


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