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▷ What's been the best thing about lockdown? ◁

Sarah Blackie asked me this as we were kicking off a session on our trust research. I've been ruminating on this question for a few days now. While lockdown has had its challenges (homeschooling!), it has freed up some capacity for us at home. A bit less hustle and bustle. A bit more margin. And this has enabled more moments where we've connected as a family.

Case in point. My 12-year-old, Caity, decided to hang with me yesterday evening as I prepared for a workshop on Friday. That's not normal for her and was pretty special for me. Even more so when she surprised me with this picture of her Dad at work.

I was chuffed, particularly with the generous addition of follicles.

It did however get me thinking about how often we fail to connect because we lack capacity. We are so busy and preoccupied that we fail to have the extra mental or physical energy required to really connect with those around us.

So much of the good things in life lie on the other side of a strong human connection. Human connection is the great enabler. Certainly, on the business front, a good human connection makes things faster, stronger and better. Communication flows. There is less second-guessing, more candour, more trust.

It begs the question: Just how important is connection to us?

➜ The bottom line: Connection requires capacity.

And what's been the best thing about lockdown for you?


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