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Could our presence erode trust?

Our presence sends signals that either build or erode trust. 

It all comes down to what the other believes we care about. 

When our presence radiates genuine care for the other, it primes trust, because prioritising the other is essential to establishing trustworthiness. 

A self-orientated presence, on the other hand, erodes trust. It introduces doubt and suspicion. How can I be sure that what I entrust won’t be sacrificed to self-interest? 

All of this highlights the need to be mindful of the intent we bring into the room, because our intent shapes our presence. It’s the spring that feeds the river.

Consider for your next meeting:

👉 What is your intent? 

👉 How will that intent shape your presence? 

👉 How could you adjust your intent to feed a presence that broadcasts care? 


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