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How will I be tested?

An unforeseen demand. An explosive reaction. A rude remark. 

These moments test us 😬

Especially when we’re caught off guard. 

Passing these tests matters because failing them hurts: it hurts progress, it hurts reputation, and it can hurt a relationship.

If we want to pass these tests, it helps to consider the questions we ask ourselves. 

▶ Why self-questioning matters

A good question directs our attention—much like a spotlight directs the eyes. And where our attention goes, our actions follow. So, the questions we ask ourselves are pivotal in shaping our performance. In fact, solid preparation can be thought of as a series of questions you ask yourself. 

▶ A solid question

The question “How will I be tested?” is preparation gold. It gets us ready to perform. By proactively asking ourselves how we will be tested, we prime ourselves to see how we can rise to the occasion. 

In particular, it helps us identify a trigger and a response, which can form a simple plan to help us pass the test:

If <insert the moment that tests> then <insert what you will say or do>. 

As a bonus, having a simple plan for the moments that worry us helps us feel more in control, reducing the anxiety that could be creeping in. 

▶ A question for the team

If you’re part of a team, how about asking, “How will we be tested?” If you’re coaching a colleague, consider asking, “How will you be tested in this meeting?”

Let’s prepare ourselves to meet the moments that test us.


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