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If we ignore "So What", we invite a "Who Cares."

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

🔑 If we want buy-in, our message must resonate with our listeners' needs. It must be relevant. If we can’t speak to their “So What”, we invite a “Who Cares”.

🤔 Why this matters. Attention is in short supply. If we can’t establish the personal relevance of our message to our listeners - and do so quickly - we’ll lose them. They’ll also begin to resent the whole experience.

😕 The truth? Countless attempts to influence crash upon the shores of relevance.

❓Why is this hard? Our message matters to us. Our passion (or anxiety) for our messages clouds our perception. We fail to escape the gravity of our own perspective and step into the world of our listeners.

🛠️ What can we do about this? When preparing, take a 30-second mental journey. Imagine your listeners, arms crossed, sceptically asking, "So What?". Use this visualisation as a prompt to help shape a message that truly resonates.

The bottom line: If we miss “So What”, we’re left with “Who Cares”.


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