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If we want to build confidence, we have to learn to be okay with not feeling okay. 

▶ Why this Matters 

The ease and joy derived from confidence can significantly boost our performance. Yet, it’s easy to forget that the path to get there is often paved with fear, uncertainty and doubt (and yes, even imposter syndrome). Forgetting this can, ironically, cause us to lose confidence. 

▶ Courage doesn’t feel so good

Dan Sullivan succinctly captures this idea when he says, “Confidence feels good. Courage doesn’t”. He highlights that the reassuring feeling of confidence is often preceded by stomach-churning moments of courage… a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff, not knowing if we’ll fly or fall. 

▶ It helps to remember this! 

Without those moments of courage, confidence never grows. It's the paradox of growth: to find confidence, we must first accept the discomfort of courage. Sometimes we need this wee encouragement to hang in there! 

▶ More details? 

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