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Taking time ....

This hastily snapped picture captures a once-in-a-lifetime moment; and the benefits of taking time to observe.

Here’s what happened. As I slowly made my way through a clearing on the West Coast of the South Island of NZ, I caught a glimpse of a fawn that was partially concealed in the tussock.

I saw the fawn.

The fawn saw me.

The fawn didn’t run away (…what ?!?)

Instead, it wandered around the tussock and started walking towards me. I couldn’t believe it.

The wee fawn approached to within five or so meters and then stared me out for two long minutes before ducking off into the bush.

I heard a bark from its mother from inside the bush line. My translation: “that’s the last time I let you out in a clearing …”

This moment was, in part, a pay-off for taking time to quietly observe what was going on and not rushing in. If I had crashed in without pausing to see what was there, the fawn would have bolted. Moment lost.

This reminded me of how easy it is to rush into a conversation without taking the time to observe what’s really going on. There is power in the pause. Taking time to deliberately observe. Slowing down to see more.

What do I see? What don’t I see? What do I need to see?

The payoff? We get closer to the reality of the situation, can better focus our efforts and are less likely to “startle the fawns”.


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